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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rafael Benitez Vs Scolari

Can they beat Chelsea?

Arguably the most important match of the season.

Rafael says he can get the season on track. Or can he? He had drawn 4 out of 5 games this season. How will the results pan out this time? Another lacklustre performance, or a win that will propel them to the top once more.

Despite Rafael's crazy "everything is crazy" commenting following the draw at Wigan on Wednesday, the Spanish coach seemed perfectly at ease with himself yesterday, as he explained his comments.

He said "When I talked of 'crazy' after Wigan, there were too many balls given away, too many fouls, too many throw-ins - everything was out of control and I wasn't happy," he said.
"It was everything together, but I didn't want to say too much on Wednesday, although that doesn't matter now.

"We drew the game and have to win against Chelsea, that's what I am concentrating on."
Benitez smiled and said "We are eight points better off than last season and everything is very, very positive," he said.
"We are third, two points behind the leader and doing well, which is much, much better than over the last ten years or so, so you have to be positive.

"I'm really pleased to be in this position. When you fight against relegation and you're losing games, everyone is disappointed and under pressure.

"When you are trying to win the Premier League and progress in the FA Cup and Champions League, that's not pressure."

Lets pray Liverpool don't falter and give Manchester United a race to the finishing line.