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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Transfer Rumours

Before the deadline we have plenty of rumours flying around. Let us examine them.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a long-term, £91m deal with Real. (Times)
I hear this rumour whenever the transfer window opens so i don't rate it.

2.Chelsea and Manchester City may enter the race for Tevez, if he does not sign a deal with Man Utd (Times)
I do not think that it is going to happen in January.

3.Andrei Arshavin is off to Arsenal for £15m transfer fee. (Daily Mail)
It is not going to happen because Arsene Wenger is a miser...

4.Santa Cruz is likely to be Harry Redknapp's top pick since Liverpool wants a full refund for Robbie Keane (£20.3m), the fee that was agreed on when Keane moved from White Hart Lane to Anfield in the summer. (Daily Mail)
It is not going to happen because Liverpool have not made full payments for Robbie. This makes the entire deal too complicated given that the deadline is closing very soon.

5.Portsmouth’s Peter Crouch is moving to Blackburn. (The Mirror)
It is not going to happen because Peter is adapting really well at Portsmouth.