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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Crushing Blow Dealt At Villa

A 1-2 defeat by Tottenham had seriously dented Villa's Champions League's aspirations.

In my opinion, if Villa lost the 4th spot to Arsenal, it may be good for the club in the long term. Clubs like Everton and Tottenham had crashed the Top 4 but had been miserable in the Cup competition. Their form in the EPL also suffer because of the Champions League distractions.

"I'm bitterly disappointed," said O'Neill. "It's still possible for us to finish fourth, though recent form doesn't suggest so.

"I genuinely believe we're capable but more importantly the players feel that as well. It doesn't look as if we can do it but we've got nine games to go and plenty of points to play for.

"Arsenal have got a superior goal difference but we are still in there fighting. The players have done terrifically well, and now they have to try and get over these disappointments.

"They have got to go on and fight to the end and I think we are capable of doing that.

"This is a setback for us and we've got to get something from the next two games."

Gabby had been made scapegoat for Villa's poor performance on the pitch. Fans cheered when Agbonlahor was subbed. O’Neill lamented “I was really disappointed."Gabby has been fantastic since I’ve been here for 2½ years.

“He’s going through a period where confidence is low but that’s no way to treat him.

“I’ll put up with many things but that was uncalled for. People have very short memories. He’s a local lad, he’s come through the ranks and been terrific. He was certainly lacking in confidence and that’s the only reason why I took him off.”