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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Am Rich And Happy! -Says Steven Gerrard

How much should Gerrard be paid? Is 140000 pounds a week the right figure? There is economic recession all over the world and here he is, drawing AIG like salary.

"I have never been happier throughout my whole career than I am at the moment," Gerrard said.

"I have two years left on my contract and if there was a chance to extend it, I am sure I would.

I think anyone would extend their contract when they are paid 140k a week! I admit Steven Gerrard is an excellent player but is he really worth so much, on a weekly bassis? I personally know some friends of mine playing in the semi-pro league and getting thousands of times lesser than he does.

Is he a few thousand times better than an average footballer? Unless he have 5 legs and six lungs, i don't think he is so much better.

Feeling happy, with his fighting case off his mind he had been able to lavish praises on Benitez, a manager he use to hate in his earlier playing days in Liverpool.

"Maybe when I was a bit selfish when I was younger," he reflected. "I used to think of myself a bit too much when he was playing me out of position.

"I should have taken a deep breath and realised it was for the team.

"But, at the moment, he is playing me in my favourite position, I am captain and we are winning. Our relationship has got stronger as time has gone by.

"For years and years I have moaned about not being involved in a title race and being far away from the others.

"At the moment, I am playing in a team that's capable of beating anyone in the league."