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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liverpool For Sale

Liverpool co-owners George Gillet and Tom Hicks were asking for a lot of money. But still the Kuwaiti Group look likely to take the bait..

The consortium have reaffirmed their interest in the club and would be willing to sit down and begin talks.

The key investors in the consortium are set to meet Hicks in the next two weeks in a bid to reach an agreement.

"We are serious and things can change. Hicks and his team are nice people and unbelievably humble," Kuwaiti group spokesman Abdulla Al-Sager told Bloomberg.

"We are huge supporters and we definitely want something to happen. We want to build the new stadium at Stanley Park and make the team do really well."

Hicks and Gillett bought Liverpool for £174million in 2007 and with the need to refinance the £300million worth of debt in four months time.