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Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 4 is still possible-Aston Villa

"You have to believe."

Aston Villa can break the top 4 monopoly and play champions league football. Clubs performance had been poor lately with a six match winless streak if you consider the CSK match.

Martin O'neill says "I accept we might be a bit naive and that the top-four sides, who are there consistently every single year, have a bit more know-how," he said.

"But that should not stop us from relishing the challenge ahead. I think there is a genuine excitement among the players.

"They have not been in this position before. We want to try to press on. We have a really difficult run-in but we are down to a 10-game season.

"This is a position Aston Villa have never been in and it is something they should really go at.

"I don't know how much of this 10-game season will be played in the mind. I would rather get out onto the field and win some matches, which we have failed to do recently."

If the Villa players believe they will be able to do it. It is natural for clubs to have occasional dips in form. It is how you overcome it that differentiates one from a champion.