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Saturday, April 25, 2009

David Beckham Moving To Tottenham?

According to the Sun- Harry Redknapp is refusing to rule out a move for David Beckham. The former England skipper could be the man to lead Tottenham on an assault on the Big 4?

34 years old David Beckham is compared to Teddy Sheringham by Harry. A testimony to his popularity and his longevity in soccer. David is currently due back at LA Galaxy from his loan spell at AC Milan this summer.

No disrespect to Harry Rednapp or Tottenham but if David thinks about his future in the England team, he should be looking at better clubs. His pin point crosses is better served if it is say Kaka and not Darren Bent.

Redknapp said yesterday: "It would be disrespectful of me to say I would not be interested in him were he to be available. David Beckham is a fantastic player but also a terrific role model and professional.

If the opportunity was there to sign him, any club would have to think about it.

He would still be a terrific player. His delivery of the ball remains exceptional, he is a great trainer and a local boy.

When I signed Teddy Sheringham for Portsmouth in 2003, he was worth his weight in gold. He was such a great professional that the other players all looked up to him in training.

He did everything right, was superb around the place and that is what it is all about."

I am sure David Beckham knows what is best for career..