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Saturday, April 11, 2009

John Oster And Wethers In 'Roasting Scandal'

John Oster, 30, is accused of groping a 19 year old girl after a night out in London’s West End. His friend Wethers, in his 30s, is accused of having sex with her against her will.

Police are investigating whether the men planned to “roast” the student- The Sun

The alleged attack is said to have happened at 2am at the girl’s parents’ home in East London. John Oster and Wethers were caught a few hours later.

The girl is undergoing check up at The Haven-a special sex crime clinic in London.

"Roasting" is becoming increasingly common among the rich young soccer stars. It is annoying to see young girls losing their dignity this way.

It is high time that we call time on these footballers excessive behaviours or the problem will get out of hand.

After going through all the high profile roasting cases that happened in recent years, I noticed that footballers are usually set free without serving any jail term. If footballers are punished heavily for doing stuffs like this, i am sure there will be less instances of 'roasting'.