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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Picture:The Dodo Has Completed Manchester United Move!

Jose Rodolfo Pires Ribeiro 'Dodo' aka 'Zac Efron' has finally signed for Manchester United. He looks exactly like 'Zac Efron' from 'The High School Musical'! I have a feeling he is going to be as popular as David Beckham..

A €6million deal has been agreed with the Corinthians to sign the young defender in February 2010.

An unbelievably huge sum of money for an untested raw talent. But we must never doubt the financial prowess of the Mighty Red Devils..

The young lad revealed his excitement at the prospect of joining fellow Brazilians in 'The Theatre Of Dreams'.

"As there are already some Brazilians in England I suppose that I am going to get adapted easier," he said.

"I have never played with the twins Fabio and Rafael, neither with Anderson, but it's good for me to have them near. Even Cristiano Ronaldo as he speaks in Portuguese."

"The way in which I play is the typical Brazilian style, with technique and ability. I also get identified with European style so that mixture can be something very good for me."

"Every player dreams to play in the national team and then be transferred to a European team. I am doing that. Next year I will join the first team of Manchester United. I am going to play next to the best players of the world."

There should not be any work permit issues since he is able to produce a Portuguese passport.