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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Usain Bolt Gives 'Wuss' Cristiano Ronaldo Tips

Usain Bolt is in town to teach Cristiano Ronaldo some tips on how to be fast.

He had criticised that Ronaldo tend to fall over on the pitch because of his wrong running technique.

Now that he had imparted the right technique to Ronaldo, he is going to trip over less?

But earning free kicks is Cristiano Ronaldo's forte. Will it do Man Utd good if he trips over less?

Data From OPTA:
Minutes per foul won

1.Mikel Arteta 28.8
2.Alan Hutton 28.9
3.Cristiano Ronaldo 31.2
4.Kevin Davies 31.9
5.Luis Boa Morte 33.1

Fouls won per game

1.Mikel Arteta 3.04
2.Alan Hutton 3.00
3.Kevin Davies 2.59
4.Cristiano Ronaldo 2.59
5.David Bentley 2.43