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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video:Cash Strapped Valencia Selling Nikola Zigic To Villa?

Nikola Zigic is rumoured Villa target. He has scored 12 goals in 18 games for Racing Santander this season.

Valencia is heavily in debt and will be very motivated to sell its available assets-players.

The situation was so dire at one point that the players had went two months without being paid. The situation had only been rectified when a short-term loan was agreed upon with local businesses.

With Valencia $725 million in debt, Zigic is definitely up for sale when the transfer window opens. A 5 million Euro transfer fee has been mooted but it is going be significantly lesser given Valencia's lack in bargaining power. My guess is 3 million Euro.

Nikola Zigic should be a value for money buy for Villa.

Full Name:Nikola Zigic
Birth Date:September 25, 1980
Weight:96 kg