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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Not Charged Over Wrecked Wall

Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer, will not be charged over a road accident which wrecked his new £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB and damaged the wall near the Manchester airport.

Police had launched an investigation after the 8th January 2009 accident and had annouced that there was insufficient evidence to launch any prosecution.

According th the Telegraph

A police source said: "Ronaldo said he simply lost control of the car and there were not enough independent witnesses to prosecute him for any driving offence."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "No further action will be taken against the driver of a Ferrari 599 GTB, which collided with a wall on the A538 Wilmslow Road on Thursday 8 January 2009."

The airport is currently pursuing an insurance claim for the £20,000 damage caused to the tunnel wall.

Here is my suggestion.

Cristiano Ronaldo should pay for the £20,000 damage caused to the tunnel wall. -Once broken considered sold.

It is a nice gesture and he can afford it.