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Friday, June 19, 2009

Glenn Johnson-Overrated At 18 million?

By Guest Blogger: Tom Mallows

Every year there seems to be a player who becomes hot property for the elite clubs in the Premier League . A bidding war ensues and the final transfer fee is vastly over inflated and more than the selling club could ever have imagined. It is almost as if the big clubs have to spend money on someone, regardless of whether they need the player or not, otherwise the money will burn a huge great big whole in their deep pockets.

No I’m not talking about Ronaldo for once - I feel this is what is happening with Glen Johnson. A very good right back yes, but £18 million? For a full-back? Seems excessive to me.

Now I am not denying Johnson is a good player, he has probably had his best season in professional football and established himself in the England squad. But I feel his performances have been over-hyped by the media, and he just seems to be the 'in' player of the moment.

It is a situation similar to Micah Richards last season. The big City defender had also established himself as first choice England right back and had an impressive season with City. A year later he had lost his England spot, a casualty of the Steve McClaren era, and had an inconsistent year with his club.

I am not saying that the same will happen with Johnson, it may not and if it doesn't I will accept I am wrong on this occasion. But the Richards case just shows how things can change especially with young players. But such is the state of European football these days anyone who shows a bit of form is suddenly worth big money.

Then again after Ronaldo and Kaka, £18 million looks like small change.

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