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Monday, June 1, 2009

Video: Cruizero's Kléber Likely To Move To Liverpool FC?

Are the Reds forking out £6million for Kleber's services? The Brazilian striker is currently plying his trades for Cruizero and has averaged almost 1 goal per game this season.

Kleber had claimed that there were ongoing negotiations about his move to Anfield.

When SporTV channel asked him whether he was going to play for Liverpool, Kleber said: "I don't know yet. They are talking."

"Cruzeiro have been made an offer," he added. "I've always said I wanted to play in Brazil and make history here because I know it is possible.

"But I also know the team need to transfer players as they have commitments. We'll see."

"I want to stay, but if Cruzeiro can afford it," Kleber said.

He is quick, aggressive and has good dribbling skills. But the main thing is that he is excellent in front of goal.

He will probably need some time to adapt to EPL soccer, but when he does, the Reds will have a brilliant striker.

In my opinion,he is not going to be a back up striker at Anfield but Dirk Kuyt's direct replacement.