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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Video: Liverpool FC Press Conference In Singapore

Will Fernando Torres play more than 10 minutes?

Kop boss Rafa Benitez greets the inquiry with a grin.

Rafael Benitez said: " Fernando Torres will play more than 10 minutes. If everything is ok he will play more than 10 minutes. Maybe eleven, twelve minutes."

How much do you know about your opponents on Sunday?

The question seemed to have caught Benitez by surprise. However he quickly recovered his composure and said:" We usually bring in DVDs and try to find out more information. We will do the same now. We will have to check with our people and see if we have more information."

I do not think the Singapore fans will mind the Liverpool players' performance on the pitch. They just want to see their heroes play in the flesh!

Watch Fernando Torres and Jamie Carragher in Novena Square (Velocity) here!

And the rest of the Liverpool team at Vivocity!

The Liverpool team training hard at National Stadium, plus bad singing..

Xabi Alonso in VJC, macam Pop star!

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