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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Video Highlights: Man Utd 4 - 3 Man City, Owen Steals Derby Victory!

Michael Owen scored a 96th minute winner after receiving a Ryan Giggs through pass. It was a superbly taken goal but did the referee allow a wee bit too much added time?

Alex Ferguson was full of praises for the former Kop legend.

"Michael was only on for something like 17 minutes," said Ferguson. "He was the best man to be on there when the game is going to be in their penalty box. There is no-one better at taking chances. His positional play, first touch and finish were absolutely superb. World class."-

If you want to know how a City fan feels right now, you just have to take a look at the expression on Mark Hughes face.

“In the end we feel really frustrated and, if it is not a too strong word, robbed because the ref has played seven minutes,”

Hughes said. “Where he has got the seven mnutes from I have no idea. We’re desperately disappointed because I felt we deserved something.

The actions of referee Martin Atkinson lends credence to the saying that there is a conspiracy favouring the top four teams.

”Hughes said “Historically it has happened before. I was in teams here where we always had a little bit of benefit. I never felt it was an issue when we played here.