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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Martin O'neill hates january window!

Andrei Arshavin's move have been completed after the deadline. It is very unfair! Feeling angry, Martin O'neill is suggesting scrapping the January window altogether. Eventhough he had reaped instant rewards from this current window. Emile Heskey had moved to Villa in a 3.5 million pound deal and is in splendid form... He said,

Should the transfer window stay? I hope not.
"I think if the Premier League haven't discussed it, then they should do. It is a waste of a month.

"I accept the fact a couple of years ago it was fine for us when we brought in people like Ashley Young and John Carew.

"But you have got to look at this situation because it is claustrophobic. I see it serving no fantastic benefit. I don't know what the point of it is."

He added: "An extension of time at least would be something. I know that the reasons for it coming in was so that clubs couldn't end up effectively being able to buy the European Cup and I accept that you can't go on buying forever.

"You can't arrive at a cup final and still have the ability to buy nine players the night before. But a bit of an extension would do no harm."