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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Transfer deadline extension

England's top-flight clubs have been granted a conditional extension to the transfer window deadline, the Premier League said in a statement on Monday.

As long as a deal has been agreed in principle, a conditional extension can be granted. This will give the teams more time to complete their transfer moves.

The British transportation network had been hard hit by the heavy snowfall causing in and outbound flights from England to be delayed.

"Clubs have informed us of the difficulties they are having in getting deals concluded," Premier League general secretary Mike Foster told the body's website.

"We are currently trying to gauge the level of activity and how many deals are in the pipeline."

The statement said: "The Premier League has announced that it will grant applications from clubs to complete transactions after the 5.00pm deadline...

"The Board will take a decision on a case by case basis as to when the registration documents have to be submitted after taking into consideration weather conditions and ability to travel."


I did not think that it is fair to offer an extension. The transfer window was one entire month and since most clubs are able to complete their transactions on time why should some clubs be more privileged and be granted an extension of the deadline.