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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arshavin Is Very Very Tough

Arshavin wants to play in the FA Cup despite having his right foot almost torn apart in the game against Blackburn Rovers. It required 8 stiches but it is not going to stop Arshavin.

Wenger says," We will make a late decision. He is desperate to be involved. He just wants to play."

Andrey Arshavin has begged to play in Arsenal's FA Cup quarter final against Hull tonight - even though his foot has been "cut like a knife".

"Arshavin had eight stitches in his foot but he is still in the squad," Wenger said. "

It is amazing to see such enthusiasm these days. Almost like a young player eager to prove his worth to his manager. We rarely see such qualities in a top class footballer.

Arshavin said: "I can't even step on my foot now. It's like a knife cut - not very deep but quite painful. Blackburn is the toughest tackling team I've ever played against.

"Ooijer tore my boot and the skin too. At half-time, our doctor had to do a lot of work on my foot. So when I scored the second goal, I ran over to thank him for a job well done."

The Sam Allardyce's tough tactics had damaged the Russian's foot but not his spirit. Arshavin is very tough and has lifted the club spirits.