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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fabregas spits at Horton

The FA Cup quarter-final at the Emirates Stadium concluded in a myriad of controversy when Phil Brown, the Hull manager, said he witnessed Fabregas spitting at Hull's assistant manager Horton in the tunnel when the match ended. Horton has contacted the League Managers' Association (LMA) regarding the incident.

Phil said: "The pictures in the national papers verify the aggression he was showing towards players and staff after the game.

"I could go on, but I am not one for crying over spilt milk.

"I then witnessed him going down the tunnel and turning around and spitting at my assistant manager's feet.

"Whichever way you want to look at it, he addressed that spitting incident at my assistant manager, who has managed probably 1200 games in his career. Disgraceful act.

"I am not going to report it, I am not going tittle-tattling to the FA - if they want to investigate that is their decision, and if Brian Horton wants to take it further he will get the full support of Hull City."

Fabregas denied all allegations against him.

"I was on the pitch at the end of the game celebrating with my team-mates, but I promise I did not do anything wrong," he said. "It was not until half an hour after the game that I heard what Hull were saying about me and it is not something that is easy to accept.

"I understand Hull are angry and frustrated about going out of the FA Cup. But I don't know why they are saying these things about me because it did not happen. That is the truth.

"I don't even know who the assistant manager of Hull is or what he looks like. I am told Hull will be making an official complaint to the FA about me.

"Well, I am perfectly relaxed about that. I have nothing to hide."