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Friday, March 20, 2009

Benitez Is A Useless Chequebook Boss

Replying Benitez earlier rants that Sir Alex Ferguson's exorbitant expenditures on signings in the last 5 years, Fergie had insisted his transfer spending amounted to £24million less than Benitez’s since 2004.

And he told Benitez he should be dealing in facts following his infamous rant earlier this season.

“I was amazed when I saw what Rafa said,” said Fergie.

“I talked to the people in our sports technology department and said ‘check that out’ because I was sure I hadn’t spent that much.

“Then I worked out that in the last five years Liverpool have spent £24m more than us. So Rafa is well ahead of us.

“But I think you’ll see Rafa go on an incredible spending spree now. That’s an absolute certainty now he’s signed a new contract. They talk of a recession but there won’t be one at Liverpool.”

Fergie could not resist a further dig at Benitez, accusing him of being a chequebook boss who does not have the long-term vision to invest in young players in the way United have. “We’ve signed 18 players in the last five years,” said Fergie. “Eight of them are young players and there’s a balance about doing things correctly with us.

“We like to develop our young players but other clubs are maybe different. Rafa has a different philosophy to me but that’s the great thing about football – everyone has a different way of doing things.”

Although Benitez will get about £40m to strengthen his squad, Fergie said he would also be spending big and praised United’s owners, the Glazers, for always letting him land the players he wants.

I wonder why Benitez kept complaining that the Glazers did not give hm enough funds. He had ranted when he could not bring Gareth Barry to Liverpool last season. However he had been given 20 million pounds to waste on Robbie Keane. Weird chap.