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Monday, March 23, 2009

Benitez Thinks 5 Goals Is Too Little

A defeat of this score line is hard to swallow. It had dented Villa's chances of a top 4 finish. Although there are still many games to play for, but the pyschological damage is immense. I did not see the entire process since I shut the TV off at half time.

As well as Gerrard's hat trick, Albert Riera and Dirk Kuyt were also on the scoresheet.

Benitez said: 'We scored goals but didn't play particularly well.' Villa keeper Brad Friedel was sent off in the build-up to the penalty which saw Gerrard seal his hat-trick.

Gerrard said: 'It always sends a message when you win convincingly. Everyone knows confidence is high here.

'It's important we just focus on what we are doing, keep on United's shoulders and keep piling that pressure on them.'

Benitez's comments had been very insulting. But there is really little you can defend yourself with when you lose 5 nil.