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Monday, June 22, 2009

Read Michael Owen's 32 Pages Brochure Here!

In the Report:
Tabloid Stories (And The TRUTH!)

"It is true that he is no longer the Olympic sprinter that tore through the Argentinean defence in 1998, but he still possess a powerful burst over the first ten yards, and a brain which puts him ahead of virtually any opposing defender."

"However,because Newcastle had lacked a creative midfielder capable of playing the ball into the channels and because Michael Owen has been asked to play a deeper linking role, the electric bursts are seen less frequently, but still remain."

Michael Owen's current situation reminds me of Robbie Fowler, another former Anfield legend. Fowler was known as God and Owen as St. Michael. Both are home-grown talent and products of Liverpool's youth academy. Owen is no.2 and Fowler is no.3 richest footballer in the world, behind David Beckham.

The Michael Owen Brochure can be read here.